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5 popular questions about Lapland in December

Lapland is a place of quiet mystery and stunning experiences. It's only natural that you might have questions. Today we're answering the top 5 most frequently asked questions about Lapland in December!

1. Are winters cold in Lapland?

The weather in Lapland depends a lot on where and when you visit. During the peak winter season (December to February) temperatures average -16 °C to -3 °C, and sometimes drop to -30 °C! Be sure to check the weather forecast and don't forget warm woolen clothes, ski equipment, gloves and a hat.

2. Is there a lot of snow in Lapland in December?

The first snowfall is usually in October. From December to April snow already covers the Lappish land. Of course, the further north you get, the earlier the snow falls and the longer it stays.

3. How much snow does Lapland get?

A lot! A lot! In the middle of March every year most of Lapland is 60-80 cm deep, but in some places, it's even deeper; you can come across snow drifts of 2 metres or more!

4. When do lakes and rivers freeze? When do they melt?

In southern Lapland, in Rovaniemi and Levi, rivers often freeze in December and thaw in May. Further north, in Inari (Lapland's largest lake), for example, rivers usually freeze from November to early June.

5. Is it dark all day in December?

From 8:40 am to 3:30 pm, you can enjoy the daylight hours if you position yourself closer to the Arctic Circle, just where Santa lives: around Rovaniemi. At the Arctic Circle one day a year (around December 21) the sun doesn't rise. And in north-eastern Finland, the polar night begins at the end of November and lasts until mid-January.

Find out about winter programs in the area where Santa lives:


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