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Monaco: flamboyant and gambling

The Principality of Monaco is a model of good taste and refined life. It has everything to do with luxury: casinos, expensive yachts and the famous Formula 1. This article is a guide to the major tourist attractions, shopping and fun things to do in Monaco.

Trip to Monaco |
Trip to Monaco

The catchy synonyms for Monaco are luxury and elitism

A tiny monarchy on the border with France, measuring just two square kilometres, Monaco is a center of attraction for the rich and famous. The kingdom also attracts those who aspire to become one.

What might your holiday in Monaco look like?

  • Watch the oligarchs, politicians and celebrities lounge daily on the fashionable beaches of the Ligurian Sea.

  • Driving around the sights in a convertible imagining yourself as Prince Rainier or Grace Kelly is a must for your holiday in Monaco.

  • Stay in one of the chic hotels or have breakfast at a local restaurant overlooking the Ligurian Sea.

  • Try your luck at the famous Monte Carlo Casino.

  • Attend a Formula 1 Grand Prix.

What is the best time of year to visit Monaco?

The Principality has around 300 days of sunshine a year. The heaviest rainfall is in autumn and winter. The best time for sightseeing and beach holidays is from May to September.

Would you like to book a cruise to Monaco?

If you plan to visit the State in early spring or summer, it is best to do so in advance. For example, to get on a charter in May or June, book between January and mid-April.

5 Impressive areas of the Principality

The state of Monaco does not have a capital, only districts. One of the main districts of the state is Monaco-Ville. It is the oldest of the Principality's 10 districts, and it is here that the most notable architectural monuments are concentrated.

1. Palace Square

Monaco-Ville is punctuated by picturesque walkways that lead to Palace Square, where the official residence of the princely family is located.

2. The white stone princely palace of Monaco

The old streets of Monaco-Ville descend to the main square with the white-stone Princely Palace, and many of the buildings balance on the cliff as even a thousand locals need somewhere to stay.

3. Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo threatens to surpass the capital in popularity, sociability and concentration of entertainment. The highlight, of course, is the casino, founded by Charles III in the 19th century on the site of a sheep pasture.

Monte Carlo is the place to enjoy the comfort of a luxury hotel and amazing cuisine at the best restaurants on the Azur Coast, shopping in couture boutiques, famous spas and cocktails at fashionable parties.

4. The Rock of St. Antoine

Many tourists flock here to watch the changing of the guard, which consists of 12 perfectly matched soldiers. The area sits on top of the Saint-Antoine Rock 60 m above sea level.

It was here that Francesco Grimaldi, founder of the dynasty that still reigns today, first arrived in the 13th century and took the town not in battle but stealthily: he disguised himself as a monk, passed unhindered and opened the gates for his soldiers.

5. La Condamine

If you're tired of the hustle and bustle of the touristy districts, head to quiet, respectable La Condamine. This is an area of banks, offices, shopping and business centers.

7 Top attractions in Monaco

A trip to this country is an experience to remember. The neighborhoods of the Principality are literally overflowing with monuments of cultural heritage.

1. Monaco Botanical Garden

The Monaco Botanical Gardens have several names, but one thing is certain, this attraction should be one of the first. There are unique collections of cacti, succulents and other plants here. But the most important thing about this place is the stunning panoramic view! From here the whole of the Principality is at your fingertips.

The Botanical Garden of Monaco covers an area of 1 hectare. A collection of plants has been brought here from all over the world.

2. Municipal beach in Monaco

Monaco has the only municipal beach where you can have a great time. It's the Larvotto beach, which is sure to please you if you're looking for a glamorous beach holiday. Despite being a municipal beach, Larvotto is one of the most expensive beaches in the world.

You can sunbathe topless on the beach. Keep in mind, however, that the lack of body adornment can be interpreted as bad taste.

There is jellyfish netting all along the shoreline, which is especially appreciated by mothers with children.

3. Japanese garden

This Monaco landmark is considered a true wonder. The Japanese Garden is located just off the beach, on Avenue Princess Grace. Once you get there, you realise that it deservedly ranks among the best in the world.

It is known that the creation of the Japanese Garden was entrusted to architect and landscape designer Yass Beppe. It took the design team 17 months to meticulously tackle the technical challenges of designing the garden! And it was well worth it. The result is a masterpiece that to this day ranks among the best attractions not only in the country, but also in the world.

The plants in the garden have been chosen and arranged according to the 4 seasons, representing the cyclical nature of human life.

4. Fort Antoine

Built in the 18th century, Fort Antoine in Monaco is now used as a theatre. In the center of the fort you can see a towering pyramid of cannonballs.

5. Saint Nicholas Cathedral

A tour of Monaco is almost never without a visit to the main church, the interior of which is decorated with paintings by Louis Brea. Saint Nicholas Cathedral is a Romanesque building constructed between 1875 and 1903.

6. Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Located on the coastal cliffs, the museum was founded by Prince Albert I. Today it hosts numerous exhibitions with a maritime theme. A special feature of the Oceanographic Museum is a huge aquarium that occupies most of the 1st floor.

7. Museum of old Monaco

Here you will find a chic collection of paintings, antiques and ceramics. The Old Monaco Museum is furnished with preserved furniture from past centuries. The national costumes are also of interest, taking you back in time. The museum is open free of charge on selected days of the week from June to September.


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