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The Basque Country: the picturesque Atlantic

Welcome to Spain! Start your journey by car in Spain from the Atlantic Ocean. Specifically, the famous city of Bilbao. The nearby villages boast some of the best Atlantic surf in the world.

The Basque Country: the picturesque Atlantic |
The Basque Country: the picturesque Atlantic

Take a drive along the Atlantic to San Sebastian and you'll find unforgettable scenery! You'll also discover the wonders of water sports and a gastronomic paradise. Then head south through the Pyrenees desert to Pamplona. Climb the Roncesvalles Pass before heading back to the coast.

Or drive along the Bay of Biscay to the attractive seaside resort of St Jean de Luz. Travellers with extra cash will be happy to spend days in the chic French town. Linger on the boho beaches of Biarritz.

Finish your trip in the north, in Bordeaux. See the 'Pearl of Aquitaine', where boulevards studded with world-class wine cafés will be your trophies at the finish of your trip.

A driving tour through the Basque Country is best suited to surfers and foodies. The driving tour lasts for one week. Tip: Check the seasonal surf forecast before heading to the Atlantic coast.

Look out for coastal campsites if your trip is budget and does not involve expensive hotels (Bilbao and San Sebastian are expensive cities. French coastal towns are even more expensive). The Basque roads ask for a convertible, as the scenery there is stunning... Or better yet, a colourful van with surf strapped to the roof.


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