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Top 5 Thermal Resorts in Spain

Explore Spain's top thermal resorts offering mineral springs, healing waters, and treatments. Find out how to combine relaxation with health at these balneological retreats.

Explore Spain's top thermal resorts offering mineral springs, healing waters, and treatments. Find out how to combine relaxation with health at these balneological retreats.
Top 5 Thermal Resorts in Spain: Discover Health and Relaxation with

Spain's richness becomes evident when you discover that beyond its warm seas, year-round sunshine, fruits, jamón, and wine, there are also thermal resorts in Spain, offering mineral springs, healing thermal waters, and therapeutic mud sources scattered across various Spanish regions.

Which Thermal Resort in Spain to Choose? Top 5 Thermal Resorts in Spain

Which thermal resort in Spain to choose and which of the Spanish coasts to visit for health reasons? We have compiled a selection of the most popular and best balneological resorts in Spain. By the way, the word "resort" in Spanish sounds like Balneario. So if you come across different names - thermal resort or balneological resort, do not doubt, they have the same meaning.

  • Thermal Resort in Spain: Balneario de Arteixo in Galicia - Balneario de Arteixo

  • Thermal Resort in Spain: Old Baths Carballo in Galicia - Baños Viejos de Carballo

  • Balneological Resort in Cantabria: Liérganes Sanatorium - Balneario de Liérganes

  • Balneological Resort in the Basque Country: Cestona Balneario - Balneario de Cestona

  • Balneological Resort Balneario Cervantes in the province of Ciudad Real.

A little history about therapeutic resorts

Thermal resorts in Spain, also known as balneological resorts, began to develop in the late 18th century, and by the early 19th century, Europe saw a trend towards such therapeutic spas and health resorts.

Wealthy Europeans increasingly spent time in mud baths and thermal waters, drinking mineral water from local sources. Consequently, it became fashionable to design health resorts by renowned architects and adorn their walls with artworks by famous painters.

Thermal Resorts in Spain: Mineral Springs Today

Today, the Kingdom of Spain boasts one of the richest collections of thermal resorts, healing minerals, and mud sources in Europe, found in almost every province of Spain. Spanish balneological thermal resorts are renowned for their diverse architecture, climatic peculiarities, and locations.

Mineral, mud, and thermal resorts can be found in the mountains of Spain and along the coastline, in the heart of major Spanish cities, and within natural reserves. Spain has numerous natural reserves, offering a wide range of options for leisure and treatment.

Although Spanish balneological sanatoriums are predominantly located in cities and natural reserves, most health resorts are equipped with fitness centers, golf courses, and tennis courts, providing all amenities for an active and healthy stay in Spain.

Each thermal resort in Spain offers a comprehensive medical examination, hydrotherapy, or mud therapy as a preventive treatment, almost all types of massages, as well as many auxiliary therapeutic procedures. Since each thermal source has its bioactivity, it is necessary to undergo an examination for chronic diseases and contraindications before starting thermal procedures. Therefore, before deciding to use therapeutic waters, it is essential to study the medical characteristics of the thermal source where you plan your trip.

How to Combine Pleasure with Health at a Thermal Resort?

Want to relax by the sea, improve your health, and explore sights? In Spain, there are no problems with that. Firstly, there are plenty of seas here, and there is also the ocean. In addition to the sea and the ocean, there are famous sources with thermal and mineral waters, salt lagoons with healing mud, and other natural wonders beneficial for the body and soul.

Many of them are located on various peninsular coasts, where you can enjoy the sea beaches, undergo treatment at a balneological sanatorium, and visit nearby historical landmarks. Or you can live right in such a historical landmark, receiving full sanatorium-balneological service, as in the magnificent Galician sanatorium Mondaris (Spanish: Balneario de Mondariz).

Therapeutic and wellness procedures in Spain

Modern Balneological Resorts in Spain offer a wide range of modern therapeutic and wellness procedures and techniques to improve both the external appearance and internal well-being of the vacationer.

And the presence of the sea and the beach nearby helps us to relax perfectly and feel refreshed: the salty sea breeze, warm gentle sun, the sound of the waves in the night silence — all this brings peace and awakens our life forces, almost disappeared during the year since the last vacation.


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