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Lainio Snow Village in Finnish Lapland

The snow village of Lainio is located 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. The Lainio Snow Village is a Christmas wonder set in a magical snow-covered winter landscape in Lainio, Finland's Lapland.

Those with an active interest in the sights of Finland may have noticed that such constructions are quite common in the country. A trip to the village of Lainio is a must for visitors to the ski resorts of Levi and Julläs, and from Kittilä Airport it's a 15 to 20 minute drive.  Lainio Snow Village in Finland, Lapland |
Lainio Snow Village in Finland, Lapland

The village was first created by Finnish ice artists, who have made dozens of snow and ice sculptures and igloos that have become world-famous.

Those with an active interest in the sights of Finland may have noticed that such constructions are quite common in the country. A trip to the village of Lainio is a must for visitors to the ski resorts of Levi and Julläs, and from Kittilä Airport it's a 15 to 20 minute drive.

Part of the way there is through snow-covered forest, which is already a spectacular sight in itself. The village is fun for children and adults alike. The Snow Village, known simply as Snow Village, is rebuilt every year.

In our review, we hang back on 7 frequently asked questions:

1. What time of year to get to Lainio

A suitable time for construction: late October or early November, when temperatures reach a steady 10 degrees below zero.

2. Interesting facts: snow village in numbers

When was the snow village built? The first snow village was built in 2000. The area has been transformed into a major attraction for children and adults alike every winter since then. The construction costs about 1.5 million kilos of snow and 300,000 kilos of natural ice.

Clearly, there are plenty of such building materials in Finland, but still! More than 200,000 people visit the village every year, and more than half of them come from abroad.

3. What to see in Snow Village

The Snow Village is constructed entirely from traditional Finnish tools and its own natural resources. It's a mixture of sculpture and architecture, creating a wonderfully surreal world on the shores of Lake Lainio.

On the grounds, children can admire the ice sculptures that are set up all over the place. There are only two buildings in the village. One of them is a real working hotel with 30 rooms of varying levels of comfort.

Inside and outside everything is made of ice and snow, the corridors are beautifully lit, images and patterns have been carved into the walls and animal figures have been installed.
The temperature inside does not feel more than 5 degrees below zero, but can actually reach 4-7 degrees. 

Outside there is a lot of fun for kids, including snowmobiling, skiing, and reindeer and dog sledding. Children and adults can choose from a variety of entertainment options, including relaxed and active pastimes.

There is also a small church in the village. Inside it is equipped with everything you need for Protestant services. Of course, everything is also made of snow and ice. The benches are made of transparent ice and decorated with patterns.

4. Lainio Snow Hotel

The snow hotel has a real cinema hall. Inside, both benches and a screen. Everything is made of ice. There is also an ice bar, the Icebar, where everything is made of ice: furniture, fireplaces, candlesticks. The atmosphere is pure winter, complemented by warm lunches and dinners and a traditional Finnish drink, Glegi.

Those who want to spend the night in the ice hotel get a sleeping bag. There are also separate rooms for honeymooners, who get ice shoes instead of the usual slippers.

Occasionally there are rousing discos. There is an ice slide for children right in the hotel. It's not too big so kids as well as kids who are older can negotiate the slopes.

5. Café, ice bar and other facilities in the village

There is also a casual café in the village. So, you can also choose your favourite cocktail at the cosy ice bar. Although it does not offer a wide range of food, its prices are quite affordable.

A large free car park has been arranged near the entrance. The village can be rented out for weddings and celebrations. Nearby there are cosy wooden houses available for booking and staying.

Tourists who have been here recommend Laniio as a holiday destination for children. Both the scenic road to the village and the nature are interesting, as is the snowy interior, which is renewed every year. This means that each new visit will be unlike the last.

In the snow village of Lainio you will take lots of interesting photos and you can safely claim that you have been to the real kingdom of the Snow Queen. But how you spend your time in the exotic ice village is up to you.

6. How to get to the village from Levi Ski Resort?

From the ski resort of Levi you can reach Snow Village on your own by car on Levintie/Route 79 and Route 80. The journey takes 41 minutes and takes 43.9 km.

But if you don't have a car, don't want to rent one in Finland especially for this trip or would like to visit the village as part of an interesting programme, we highly recommend you take an exclusive tour from Scandinavian Travel Group. Scroll below to find out more!

7. Discover the unique Lainio Snow Village tour

Welcome to a unique and intriguing world of ice, snow and stories. After all, every new year a brand new village is built in Lainio! It is a unique place that you will always want to return to again and again!

You'll have time to wander around to see all the masterful ice sculptures and interior design that make this village a magical place.

You'll be immersed in the magical world of snow and ice. The Snow Village is full of beautifully decorated rooms, sculptures and ice bars.
A guide will be with you to show you around and you can explore all the wonders of Snow Village at your own pace, before returning to the city centre. The tour includes an explanation of the design and construction of the village and its importance to Finns.

The theme of the village changes every year; this winter season (2023) it will be different. Each year the village builds unique ice rooms, each with a different theme. For example, ancient Pompeii or medieval Helsinki.

Venture into the fairytale world of the snowy village of Lainio, where experienced guides will give you a guided tour of the village. Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the magical world of snow and ice.

See the masterful sculptures and beautifully decorated rooms in the Snow Village and visit an ice bar in the Arctic Circle, where you can enjoy a warming juice.

This article contains photos used with permission from@ScandinavianTravelGroup.


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