Santa Claus Village: 12 important news from Lapland

Updated: Sep 3

Dear child, we have decided to tell you the truth: Santa Claus is real. The phrase seems to be pronounced differently...

Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, Lapland

Yes, it is pronounced differently, but only until parents find out for themselves that a grey-bearded wizard in a red hat lives in colder climes, that he listens carefully to all children's wishes and that a family of acquaintances has already been to see him.

Do you also think it's high time to separate the truth from the idle fiction and check where Father Christmas lives and what he can do?

So, in this overview we answer the most popular questions children have about Santa Claus:

  1. Where does Santa Claus live?

  2. What does Santa Claus do in the summer?

  3. What is beyond the Arctic Circle?

  4. What is the weather like in summer and winter in Lapland, above the Arctic Circle?

  5. Write a magical letter to Santa Claus.

  6. Santa's helpers.

  7. What does Santa Claus eat for breakfast?

  8. How many reindeer does Santa have?

  9. The Christmas exhibition at Santa Claus Village.

  10. Making a snowman in Lapland.

  11. Is it possible to build a snow igloo in Santa's village?

  12. On the road in Santa's private transport.

1. Where does Father Christmas live?

The beloved wizard of all children could live at the North Pole. But wouldn't he be bored without visitors? That's why Santa is based in Finland, a cold but very hospitable country. Find Rovaniemi on a map of Finland. Yes, it's not a short drive, and Santa Claus' village is even further away, where the Arctic Circle dotted line runs.

Two km from the wizard's residence is the official airport of Santa Claus, and an express bus runs from Rovaniemi to the fairytale village. And just imagine, there's even a major European motorway, E-75, that leads to the area.

There's a little secret: Santa's real home (or Joelupukki, as Finnish children call him) is located on Mount Korvatunturi, but its location cannot be revealed, otherwise all the magic would be lost. You can visit him. Take advantage of a unique program from Scandinavian Travel Group.

2. What does Santa Claus do in the summer?

It turns out he does the same thing he does in winter: prepare presents and receive guests. What's more, he has the longest working hours in the summer. From morning to evening, the magician holds the reception, listening to the wishes of children (and sometimes adults) from all over the world.

If you visit Santa Claus' village in Summer, professional photographers will capture the moment your child whispers to the wizard. And then you'll look at the photos for a long time and find details that you didn't notice right away... For example, you'll discover that even in summer Joelupukki's shoes are powdered with snow, and the fire in the fireplace is crackling.

By the way, you can find little signs of winter in Santa Claus's village, even if it's summer on the calendar.

3. What's out there, beyond the Arctic Circle?

Are the icy winds whistling there? Are there frosts blowing? Now you can answer these questions with knowledge for your children! All you have to do is cross the line marked 'Arctic Circle'. The line runs through Father Christmas village and every brave person who crosses it will get a special certificate.

4. What is the weather like in Lapland above the Arctic Circle in summer and winter?

There are no frosts in summer, when the temperature stays between +15 and +18°C. In July and August it may even be hot and humid. July and August can be hot, with temperatures in excess of 30°C and even 35°C.

In late September, however, the weather can get cold, with temperatures dropping well below freezing. Frost peaks in the winter months, with temperatures dropping to -15°C. The warmth won't arrive until May.

  • November to December sees temperatures dropping to -7 and -12°C.

  • From December to February, you can catch -20 and -30°C.

5. How to write a magical letter to Father Christmas?

Which child hasn't written a letter to Santa (Joelupukki, Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, Peru Noel?

The magician has many names :) All this correspondence arrives at the main post office of Santa Claus. The work there is excellent, and no child's request goes unheeded. It often happens that children don't ask the magician for anything, but they wish him a Merry Christmas and a long and happy life. Such letters especially touch Father Christmas.

You can also buy colorful greeting cards at the post office and send them out to family and friends. Each card has a stamp with an image of Father Christmas on it and his company stamp. Do you want your recipient to receive a Christmas card just in time for Christmas? Put the card in the red letterbox at the post office.

6. Santa's helpers

The winter wizard has so much to do that he couldn't do it alone. That's why he has the help of elves. They are industrious, ubiquitous and cheerful, and they do the cleaning, make the souvenirs and cheer up the guests. They work the whole year round, just like Santa, and get ready for Christmas: they choose presents, wrap them and prepare the grandfather's sleigh for the journey.

And when a grown-up child realises that Santa's helpers are not only elves, but also all the parents in the world, he will not feel disappointment, and warmth: One day he himself will join the ranks of winter wizard helpers!

7. What does Father Christmas eat for breakfast?

Does Santa like to eat good food? And his wife, Mrs Claus (known as Maori in Finland), is lucky to be a good cook. Her treats are plentiful for her husband, all the elves and visitors to the village. In summer, she bakes berry pies, in autumn she makes mushroom soup and on winter holidays she cooks traditional rice porridge with almonds.

Maori uses an elf's cap as a measure of volume, measures time in Santa's Quiet Hours and her main spice is... love. You can sample Mrs Claus' delicious treats in any restaurant in the village.

8. How many reindeer does Santa have?

Everyone knows Father Christmas' nine flying reindeer by name. But the old man also has other reindeer that he saddles up in his sleigh when he goes for a walk in the woods.

These seemingly ordinary animals can be seen at Santa's farm in his village. During a tour, you can learn about reindeer husbandry traditions and be allowed to meet and feed the animals. Of course, each reindeer has a nickname. I wonder if you'll be lucky enough to meet Rudolf, Dasher and Cupid.

But not everyone knows about the fabulous reindeer that live on an ancient reindeer farm! This ancient farm is over 150 years old! The farm lies on the banks of the longest river in Lapland and is surrounded by a taiga forest. It's these reindeer that can take you for a ride in Santa's magical forests!

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